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Month: October 2014

Monster In-Laws?

We recently moved in with Joe’s parents after having spent nine months of our newlywed life on our own. A lot of women told me that it was going to be rough. In fact, I thought this might just be my toughest trial yet. And have […]

Weekend Shenanigans

What we did for our “epic” anniversary! | One year.

Reminiscing: One Year

It’s been a great year, to say the least!

General Conference: The Goods

General Conference is an event where the prophets and leaders of the LDS church share their counsel with members and all others willing to participate. This broadcast certainly came at the perfect time for me, as usual. Time to share my favorite quotations!: 1. “Spiritual confidence increases when […]

Loving My “Condition”

My secret to a fulfilling and even enjoyable pregnancy (or life in general) is to stay productive, yet understand my physical limits. Every day I have a goal in mind: become my best self. If that means listening to my body and sleeping in a few extra hours, then so be it! I remind myself that it is okay not to accomplish everything on my task list. Life is about flexibility and releasing expectations on oneself.