Aubrey PhotoWelcome, friends! My name is Aubrey Kashiwagi and I am the creator of Aubrey Kash Designs. Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for typography and drawing. I was that student who had more pages of sketches and cursive writing in my notebooks than notes! I first learned how to create faux calligraphy at the age of 12 and had a natural talent for it. Years later, I purchased an ink-dip pen on a whim to calligraph my sister’s wedding envelopes and instantly fell in love with this unique style!

I specialize in events, my favorite being weddings! I have a background in graphic design so I also create elegant invitations, hand-written envelopes, custom artwork for the home, quotes & signs…you name it! I am up to any challenge and love trying new mediums. Take a look at my Instagram to see some of my most recent work.

No matter how much I love my work, I am a wife and mother above all. I am currently located in Mesa, Arizona and am married to my sweetheart, Joseph. He is the one who gave me the courage to start my business & gives me encouragement on the daily. 🙂 I have a son named Levi who is just a light in my life! Our family is so excited to have a baby girl joining our family in February of 2017! I am pleased that I have found my passion for calligraphy and even more pleased that I don’t have to leave my home – or family – to fulfill my dreams.

Thanks for stopping by!

xox aubrey