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Baby, I Adore You

21 weeks

Ever since I was a little girl, my choice occupation was to “be a mom”. Well, not much has changed! Shortly following our marriage in October of 2013, I stumbled upon a talk by President Ezra Taft Benson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where he states the following:

Young mothers and fathers, with all my heart I counsel you not to postpone having your children, being co-creators with our Father in Heaven. Do not use the reasoning of the world, such as, “We’ll wait until we can better afford having children, until we are more secure, until John has completed his education, until he has a better-paying job, until we have a larger home, until we’ve obtained a few of the material conveniences,” and on and on… In the eternal perspective, children – not possessions, not position, not prestige – are our greatest jewels.

My husband Joe and I discussed our views on this counsel like many young couples do. We looked at our goal of raising a large family and realized that this wasn’t something that we wanted to put off, even if we still need to finish our degrees and so on. At first, I was antsy but then life happened and I was even a bit surprised when a few months later, the test showed positive!! Joe thought I was joking when I first told him the good news (I am known to be a joker).

Being pregnant has been quite the experience! In the first trimester, I had the following symptoms:

  • I did not like eating the same food twice! This made it really difficult grocery shopping and lots of our food went rotten…

  • I probably could have just stayed in bed all day and all night because of how tired I felt!

As for the second trimester (I am currently 26.5 weeks)…

  • Boy, has exercising been more difficult the past week! It is now a feat to get through my daily exercise routine.

  • Baby kicks like crazy!! He weighs about two pounds and packs a punch. I love it!

  • Surprisingly, I have been more motivations to complete daily tasks! (Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am going to be a mother in 3 short months!?)

I feel pretty blessed that my symptoms were mild compared to a lot of the stories I have heard…

I cannot believe how fast the pregnancy has flown by! I couldn’t be happier about our little boy on the way. I see the way young (and old) parents look at their children and it looks to me like one of the purest kinds of love. Thank you to all who have supported us throughout my pregnancy! For the record, my husband I are still debating names! 🙂

Xoxo, Aubrey

*Read Ezra Taft Benson’s talk here.

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