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Feelin’ 22

Feelin’ 22

35741958_070_bToday is my birthday & I get to spend it in a nice hotel with all-inclusive meals!! Well, that’s only because this week is the Kashiwagi family’s annual work conference, but it doubles as a vacation for Levi & I since we are all the way in Tempe… 😉

So what have my 22 years of wisdom brought me? Only the fact that I know nothing! Thanks, Socrates. But really, the older I get, the more I…

  • realize how much I thought I knew, and open myself to better ways
  • realize how wise our elders are – I am so happy Levi gets to live with grandparents!
  • stop to enjoy the beauty of nature
  • watch my son stacking blocks over and over and over & not get bored
  • develop my artistic side
  • acknowledge and accept my feelings
  • embrace myself, weaknesses and all

I can’t say that I am humble enough to admit that I don’t know it all all the time, but I am getting there. I am very grateful that I have lived such a full life already. Here’s to another year of overcoming weaknesses, surprising myself with the outcome, and loving others & myself more fully!!

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xoxo Aubrey

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