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Graduated & It Feels So Good

Graduated & It Feels So Good








A big thank you to my sister, Olivia for taking these lovely photos! She is amazing with the lens if you know what I mean. 😉

I am now a college graduate and it feels so good! I really enjoyed my classes because they were the perfect supplement to my dream job: motherhood. But I must admit, this last semester was dragging on since Levi is so mobile now and all I wanted to do was take him to the park every day instead of study. This week, I took my last final so Levi and I have been out on the town each day. I think I can get used to this… 🙂

The greatest lesson I took from college was learning how to relax. Yes, you heard me correctly! I think that life – especially college – can be a stressful place. Sometimes we spend far too much time studying and far too little time with our loved ones. This last semester, though, Joe kept telling me to cut my study time in half. It is really difficult for me not to want to get straight A’s, but I realized that this wasn’t as important. I learned how to spend just the right amount of time on schoolwork to both pass my classes and spend quality time with my son. I wasn’t stressing about my assignments anymore. I was at peace. This was by far my greatest lesson. ♥

My degree is in Family & Human Development so naturally, I am going to use this to be the best Mom I can be and continue to do calligraphy on the side. Since I never thought I would have a baby during college, graduating never seemed like a big deal. Well now it feels like a really big deal so hooray! Arizona State, you’ve been good to me… but I’m on to bigger and better things now! 😉

What more can I say? Life is good!!

xoxo Aubrey

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