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I Can Do “Hard” Things!

I Can Do “Hard” Things!

Joe recently returned from a two-week business trip to Malaysia. Before he left, I thought it was going to be the hardest few weeks of my life! Many wives say life is easier because husbands tend to “get in the way”. Well… this is opposite for me because Joe is literally the best and does A LOT for me! He cleans the kitchen and does the dishes, cooks dinner for us when I’m too tired or picky, helps me lift heavy things since I’m pregnant, rubs my feet when they swell, massages my back when it aches, let’s me sleep in on Sunday while he gets Levi and our snacks ready for church… okay you get the point!!! And that’s why I was so nervous for him to leave, especially since he is such a support to me during the emotional days of my pregnancy (like every day haha!).

I made sure to plan lots of activities while he was gone so that I would stay busy and not think about him too much. I did things like…

  • Dinner with friends & family
  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Almost finished Sunshine’s nursery – I can’t wait to show you!!!
  • Started on my Journal Project – I have 20 journals from growing up (I’ve always been an avid writer) so I am reading them all, scanning the most valuable pages, and compiling them for my kids. I am also starting on my Life Story while I read since I’ve been reminded of some great characteristics and stories about myself that I had forgotten
  • Calligraphy projects
  • LOTS of baths!

On the first night, I got in the bath and just bawled my eyes out. How in the world could I feel so alone!? And I don’t even blame the pregnancy hormones – I’ve always been a people person and don’t like sleeping alone (my family can attest to that haha!). I emailed him every night and luckily got to hear from him every so often on the phone over WiFi which was a blessing!

I’m happy to report, though, that it has actually been a great two weeks!!! Why? Well, I learned something that I didn’t know about myself. I learned that I’m actually capable of a lot of things, and that I can do things on my own!! That was a great confidence booster. I rely on Joe so much while he’s around that I wasn’t even sure if I could survive on my “own”. Well, I can. 🙂 But I also appreciate the little things that Joe does even more now. Like when he fills up my water bottle for me every night, or stays up late to listen to me ramble on and on. Husbands truly are the best!!!

I’m grateful that I had this experience and that Joe works so hard for our family! I am learning to be a more supportive wife and confident mother. It really is amazing and I couldn’t have seen this time going by any better! Now I might even look forward to his future trips. 😉

I sure am happy to have him home, though. Life is good and we are so blessed!

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