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Labor Must Haves!

Labor Must Haves!
38 weeks say what?

9Q0A50949Q0A5085 9Q0A5095Okay so maybe I’m a little over-prepared when it comes to being ready for anything during childbirth (I may or may not have all of my bags packed and at my moms house where I’ll be having a home birth 😉 ), but I hope you might find one or more of these items helpful when planning your own birth experience! I am a firm believer in preparedness, since labor is such an amazing roller coaster that deserves the utmost amount of attention, love and thought! Here are my essentials:

  • Hair braided or out of my face – I’m usually in and out of the tub and shower so this is helpful
  • Birth kit – if you’re planning a home birth, you need things like towels, pads, extra sheets, etc.
  • Robe – anything that’s easy to breastfeed in!
  • Nursing bras
  • Lotion for massaging – one of my favorites! Childbirth is tiring so it’s nice to get a foot rub…or two 😉
  • Essential oils & diffuser – there are different oils that can be diffused or rubbed on the mama-to-be for nausea, pain, relaxation…you name it!
  • Bluetooth speaker / headphones & desired playlists – with Levi, I listened to LDS children’s songs & it was so comforting
  • Phone and charger
  • Camera – make sure to assign someone to take pictures if you didn’t hire a photographer! My doula (aka birth assistant) will be in charge of the camera
  • Family pictures or albums – something simple that can be enjoyed in the early hours of labor
  • Toothbrush & paste
  • Mints – sometimes the contractions don’t let you keep your dinner down….
  • Favorite snacks, juice, & coconut water
  • Small bottle of olive oil – to prevent tearing
  • Exercise ball – a great way to relieve your hips!
  • Homemade healing pads – freeze cotton pads with witch hazel (aids healing process and is environmentally friendly!)
  • Outfits & diapers for Baby

When it comes down to it, though, the most important “items” that can be there are my faith, husband & midwife! I can’t wait to see the differences in the way I handle this labor.

xox aubrey

*Thank you Olivia Rose Photography for capturing these sweet moments!! Check out her work because she is INCREDIBLE.

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