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Lessons from Levi

Babies, babies, babies! People get so confused when we are out in public haha.
Blessing day 🙂
We are thinking about sending in his resume to become a sumo wrestler…





Life never ceases to fascinate me. I mean, any time I am in need of learning a lesson, God immediately places someone or something in my way to satisfy that need! Levi is, of course, one of those people.

I still remember feeling “different” after he was born (I know it has only been 4 months & I talk about this like it was ages ago but it almost feels that way). I had a new sense of responsibility and selflessness. I have never really had to take care of anyone but myself – marriage doesn’t count because Joe will survive if I don’t feed him or change his clothes. 😉 Suddenly I had this helpless baby in my arms & I was the one he looked to! It’s an amazing feeling, motherhood. I haven’t mastered these two traits 100% and heaven knows I have a long way to go, but at least I recognize that I’m going! Now for the mushy stuff…

Mommy Favorites:

  • Realizing that I don’t own my son. He is really God’s child & I’m not here to mold him into the person I want him to be; rather, I’m here to teach him that he is a child of God and that he adds value to the world in his own, unique way. This understanding helps me to relax & just enjoy this experience!
  • Levi is developing quite the personality! He is really smiley (a trait he gets from Joe) & periodically pauses while nursing to stare at me with his big blue eyes & huge grin. Heart = melted. ♥
  • Feeling like I am the funniest person alive because Levi always laughs with (and at) me!

This transition of course takes some adjusting on my part but I am loving it all the same. Life is always rewarding when you feel you have eternal purpose & worth. 🙂

Until next time <3 Aubrey

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