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Levi is One!

Levi is One!











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It is surreal to think that a year ago I was snuggling with my newborn. I can’t even put into words how much joy motherhood has brought me! Having Levi has helped me understand myself – and husband – on a whole new level so I am thankful for that!

We celebrated Levi’s birthday with our family which is always a treat! I made his cake from three stacked cupcakes (fancy, I know!) and he ate it all! We were all amazed because of all the first birthdays I have gone to, I have never seen a baby eat a cake like Levi did. So impressive… 😉

Anyways, I’d like to share a thought that had been on my mind lately. I opened my calligraphy business in September and have been blessed with lots of great clients ever since, so a big thank you to everyone who has supported me! I started Aubrey Kash Designs because I love calligraphy, and it is a hobby that I can do as a supplement to mothering. I am a member of a large calligraphy group who constantly share photos of their work, which can be really inspiring! However, I sometimes get distraught when seeing the overwhelming talent of others. One woman I admire has been a full-time calligraphy artist for twelve years, like many others I aspire to become like. I was starting to wish I had more time to practice my skills because we all know that saying, “practice makes perfect”.

I began to think more about calligraphy than I should have, and about that time is when one of those life-changing events happened (I’ll save this post for another day!). I figured out from this event that in order to get what I thought I wanted in a short period, I would have to put much more period into calligraphy and spend much less time with my son.

My point is, nothing in life is magic. When we understand what it actually takes to achieve an end goal – in my case, becoming a professional calligraphy artist – it becomes clear whether we really want a goal or not. In the end, I found out that what I really want to be doing is what I am doing right now: mom by day and calligrapher by night (aka nap time)! In doing this, I will become better in all aspects of my life over time (and here is when patience is really key).

This year, Levi has mostly taught me about my divine role as a mother. No matter how much I think I want something “more” out of life, I am always reminded that I already have it all. Our growing family is so blessed; here’s to another great year of Levi Babe!

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