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Life Lately

Life Lately
I love my sister twins!
At the grand opening of a nearby venue I had the pleasure of working with + this beautiful flower wall.
His favorite hat. 🙂
He MUST be carrying a million things in his hands at. all. times.
And again…
Grandma Markle’s new toy!

This month has been surreal. First I was pregnant and mentally preparing for another birth, then in an instant I was no longer pregnant. That was totally hard to wrap my mind around. Like when I was planning to buy a maternity dress for my friend’s wedding but realized I wouldn’t need it anymore, or when people would talk about August and I’d think, “that’s when baby comes! Wait….” OR the time when I was talking to my aunt about my miscarriage while seeing the chiropractor and a lady that overhead me and said to on her way out, “congratulations on the pregnancy! It will get easier, I promise.” We couldn’t help but laugh but she had such sweet intentions haha. 🙂

People ask me if I’m still okay and the answer is yes. I am at peace with it all and I really don’t think about it much…it feels like it was years ago when it’s only been three weeks! So that’s a blessing. On the flip side, my hormones are still adjusting so I have definitely been more edgy lately which I am really working on!! Baby steps. Other than that, I am really just trying to mentally and physically heal by attending Bikram Yoga (my favorite!!), writing any and every thought and emotion I have down in my journal, sharing my experience, and just focusing on being more consistent in my everyday routine. It is a process, just like anything in life!

As far as my art practice goes, I just finished a two week online course all about modern calligraphy! It was as epic as it sounds. I really love my creative outlet and I have needed it more than ever this month, so the summit really came at the perfect time for me. I can’t wait to share more of the skills I’ve acquired! I also did a fun photo shoot of my work with my amazing sis and will be sure to post soon!

Oh my goodness… I just can’t believe how cute Levi is! We were blessed because I don’t know how any child of mine could be so happy and energetic! He must have got it from Joe 😉 I thank God every day because Levi is the most cuddly boy I know & gives me hugs and kisses all day long. I am really making an effort to enjoy every moment I have with him since we have the opportunity to become so close. It isn’t always easy because I can’t always keep up with his endless amounts of energy (if you know him you know what I’m talking about!). But I’m trying my best and that’s what counts!
Life is good. We are blessed. I’m thankful for what I’ve learned and continue to learn!

xox aubrey

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