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Mary Did You Know?

Mary Did You Know?

I was asked to write a guest post for My Time to Blossom, so I thought I would share:

This is such a wonderful time of the year because it seems like so much of the world, whether they are very religious or not, comes together to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Because we are women, today I would like to focus my post on the strong woman who was Christ’s angel mother: Mary.

The scriptures don’t give a detailed account of Mary, but it is clear that she was a pure and righteous woman based on the sacred acts she performed. The Virgin Mary was very young and had only been engaged to Joseph when the angel Gabriel appeared to her, prophesying of her divine role as Christ’s mother. Mary did not doubt, but instead rejoiced in this news. Joseph and Mary were later married and traveled to Bethlehem to pay taxes, where Mary birthed the Son of God.

she-shall-bring-forth-a-son-mormonAfter having birthed my own son, I am in complete awe. What helped me get through my labor the most –and every day since – is the thought that it is all necessary for my growth. I can imagine Mary feeling this way, but even more so. That’s why I love the song, “Mary Did You Know?”. Mary was told that her son would be Jesus, the chosen one to save us all, but she probably didn’t understand the implications of this sacred calling fully. She probably didn’t understand the suffering, the pain, and the sorrow she might endure, yet she submitted herself willing because she did know it was necessary and would bring her and all of mankind eternal happiness if they but accept Him.

I liken this idea to our own lives. Sometimes, we don’t always know what our future holds. We may be wondering where we are going to college, whether or not a mission is right, who to marry, when to have children, and the list goes on. Sometimes we fail to realize that life tends to be full of surprises since we don’t know ourselves completely. Despite our stumbling blocks and lack of vision, did you know that you will always come out a better person? Did you know that you would be an answer to someone’s prayer? Did you know that you were capable of such marvelous works? Did you know that the world wouldn’t exist without you?

I can’t say that Mary knew exactly what her life held in store for her, but I do know that she had faith in God, which helped her have a vision and hope for the future. I know that as we reflect not only our Savior this Christmas season, but His amazing mother, we will feel strengthened as women. I know I do.

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