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Maternity Photos & Prepping for Sunshine

Maternity Photos & Prepping for Sunshine

9Q0A4877 9Q0A4875 9Q0A4841 9Q0A4888 9Q0A48259Q0A48049Q0A4860 9Q0A4793 9Q0A4738 9Q0A4850 9Q0A4760 9Q0A4744 9Q0A4713 9Q0A4736 9Q0A4776 9Q0A4726 9Q0A45839Q0A4704 9Q0A4687 9Q0A4637 9Q0A46089Q0A4591 9Q0A4630 9Q0A4580I can’t stop smiling every time I look at these photos Olivia Rose Photography took for us when I was 32 weeks (I’m now 36)! I love the way Olivia cracks jokes and makes the session so much fun so that she can capture such raw, authentic moments. I STINKIN’ LOVE MY FAMILY!!

So I thought it would be a good idea to include my checklist leading to Sunny’s arrival so that I can reference it for future pregnancies! Ever since January, I have set aside Monday nights after FHE to begin my preparations for baby girl. That way, I will be ready when February comes! I didn’t do this with Levi, but I would highly recommend it! Having a schedule and slowly getting things done has saved me a lot of stress. Here are the items on my list (some of which have already been completed):

  • Record my own, personal hypnobirth for use before & during labor
  • Paint and frame a picture about the joy of birth to look at during labor
  • Research the science of birth
  • Prepare my “labor kit” (clothes, snacks, headphones & speakers, camera, etc.)
  • Research & make frozen meals for the weeks following Sunny’s birth
  • Baby shower (February 7th)
  • Email videographer and doula about my “birth wishes”
  • Write and print home (and hospital in case of transfer) birth plans
  • Make healing pads for postpartum use
  • Wash & place clothes in Sunny’s room
  • Set up crib & car seat
  • Deep clean house (one section a week)
  • Potty train Levi! Not sure when this item will be totally checked off but we’re at a good start…
  • Make Sunny a matching pink dress with the extra fabric (or I’ll kindly ask my mom to, haha!)
  • Wash & prep all of my cloth diapers / wipes – YES I’m going in for it so I’ll make a separate post once I use them!! So far I love that they’re eco-friendly, chemical-free, and much less costly (on myself and the environment)

Well, Sunshine is kicking and squirming like crazy (much more than I remember with Levi) but has remained head-down, which I am grateful for! The way I know this is because she gets the hiccups at least once a day and I can feel the pulsing just above my groin. I also catch her posterior (or Sunny side up, as I like to call it 😀 ) much of the time and have been instructed by my midwife to do the cat-cow posture as frequently as possible to help her get used to the birthing position. She is very responsive to my voice, Daddy and I singing, touch, and the hot baths I take almost daily. She is measuring two weeks ahead with a “new due date” of February 7th, but I’m not counting on it since the ultrasound isn’t always accurate; plus, a machine can’t decide when we’re ready! My chiropractor also confirmed that he thinks I’ll be early, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up! Being able to walk/sit/sleep/stand without the SPD pain seems really enticing!

It’s still surreal that she will be here within the month! We can’t wait to be a family of four. Children are the best and I have grown so much throughout this sacred time. So bring on the craziness, I say!!

xox aubrey

*My dress was handmade by the incredible Cassidy from Donai Designs – thank you for making me feel like a princess!!

*A big thank you to my aunt, Tawnia for the beautiful blooms & crown – she is such a talented florist!

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