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Mom & I

Mom & I

Today I want to talk about an event that isn’t experienced by many. And when I say many, I mean most. A few months ago, my mom and I were driving home from our typical Costco run. She suddenly became solemn and told me that she was also pregnant with a boy!

 She was so nervous to tell me the good news because she thought that I would be upset because it’s “my turn” and so forth. Besides the fact that I no longer get her hand-me-downs from my 21-month-old brother, how could I be angry that there is another member of my family soon joining us? Many people will ask me if I am uncomfortable with the fact, but I will be honest, I am not one bit!   🙂  And here’s why:

1. She’s an expert. This pregnancy thing is new to me. Who better to come to than my mom whose already had 6 (going on 7) children with my questions? Her answers are always scary accurate…

2. She’s my best friend. We have become even better friends since then, and I wouldn’t want to be pregnant with anyone but her! Through it all we can laugh together, cry together, and uplift each other on the rough days.

3. Workout buddy! My mom makes the best workout companion! Since she has had the go-around a few times before, she realizes how important it is to stay healthy and active, which is a big help and inspiration to me! We get to attend personal training together which is amazing because she is always humbling me! (Who knew that my 42-year-old mother could lift more weight than I can?) *Check out my trainer’s website here.

4. She understands. There’s always someone to talk to who really knows how I feel. In fact, my mom has it even worse than I do because of her age, so seeing her makes me grateful in a way that my pains aren’t half as bad. We call and check up on each other all the time, which is always comforting!

5. The more the merrier. Since my mom lives just five minutes away, my son will have a permanent play mate! Actually, he’ll have two!! Now that’s cool.

So there you have it! Being pregnant with you mom isn’t as bad as some might think.   🙂   As a side note (which I think is pretty humorous), I am due on November 25th while my mother is due December 26th…meaning that my brother will be younger than my son. This also means that my son’s uncle will be a month younger!

Have a great day!! ♥ Aubrey

*Pregnancy Update: Week 28 

Baby Kashiwagi is the size of an Iceberg lettuce and it still very active! I have been waking up at night with a jolt due to his mature kicks. I don’t know how I could do this without my sweet husband. He rubs my swollen feet every night and is always finding little ways to serve me so I am very blessed.  I guess being pregnant isn’t so bad after all. 😉

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