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Monster In-Laws?

1167424_10152045874829828_329014563_oWe recently moved in with Joe’s parents after having spent nine months of our newlywed life on our own. A lot of women told me that it was going to be rough. In fact, I thought this might just be my toughest trial yet. And have you ever seen that movie, Monster In-Law? Yeah… Living with the family helps Joe become an expert in the family business, so this seemed like a good reason for me to agree to move. Now that we are settled, I have actually realized how blessed we are:

  1. We have a lot more space
  2. My mother-in-law takes such good care of us – Joe is her baby!
  3. I am getting to know my in-laws on a whole new level…and they are amazing people!
  4. I am gaining insight on ways I want to raise my own family
  5. Major opportunity for growth (I’ll take it!)
  6. I can never be lonely! The biggest shock I had as a newlywed was, “Wait… I am never going to live with my family ever again!?” That thought passed within a day (thankfully), but I must admit that I do enjoy being around family again. Yes, Joe is my family, but when he was away the apartment was way too empty for my liking

The most important principle I am learning, though, is that no matter what circumstance life finds me in, it is important to let go of expectations. Letting go of expectations means seeing things as they truly are, not as you think they should be. I can never be disappointed in doing so! I would have been saved much stress if I only remembered this principle sooner.  I think Joe and I are enjoying being home too much, now!! 😉 Oh, the wonderful things you learn in this journey we call life.

<3  Aubrey

If circumstance permitted, would you move in with your in-laws? Share your thoughts!

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