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My Postpartum Essentials

My Postpartum Essentials

9Q0A5072Postpartum can be quite a rocky experience for your body, so here are my top essentials that help mama and babe have more of a smooth transition!

To begin with, let me explain why I always try to choose…

*organic: this means that the plants were grown pesticide & GMO-free, so no harsh chemicals on y0ur body or in the working environment of the people sewing the items. See documentary The True Cost for more on why I switched! 😀 I also support USA-made or Fair Trade for the same reasons.

*plastic-free: because the environment matters and I try not to contribute to toxic waste whenever possible.

Now here’s my list. Let me know what you love during this time! 🙂 :

  • Organic, cotton pads (use this link for free pantyliner with your purchase!) – After giving birth, you bleed. A lot. So you are going to need plenty of pads, and I truly love these pads! I have some night pads, day pads, and pantyliners; I simply love them all. I made the switch to organic cotton because this is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, and after doing a bit of research, I decided I didn’t want the toxic chemicals from disposable pads anywhere near me!! Plus, I felt like I was wearing a diaper when I had Levi. My body just loves these so much more. I would also recommend the XO Flo Cup for those menstruating; I love mine and my periods are so much less painful now!!
  • Soothing lotion – I make my own (here) that can also be used for diaper rashes (safe for cloth diapering, too) & it is really nice and easy. For areas of my skin with cellulite and stretch marks, though, I love Primally Pure Body Butter! It has so many beneficial ingredients and I swear by it! I honestly think it’s the reason I only got a few stretch marks this pregnancy as opposed to 10+ with Levi.
  • Bottom sprayThis spray is life-changing, I tell you! It is so soothing on the bottom and is especially helpful if you tore your perineum. I would highly recommend it and feel like I have healed so much quicker “down there” because of it. It’s also great because when you are done with it, it doesn’t go to waste; it can also be used as a facial toner!
  • Cloth diaper sprayerYes, this can be used for cloth diapers and no, that’s not all it can be used for!! Remember that small squirt bottle they give you at the hospital to “wipe” with? Yeah, that is no comparison to this amazing tool. It sprays cool water at your desired rate and is basically the bees knees.
  • Drying clipsI use these for my pads and briefs after I rinse them in cool water and for any cloths or clothes that the baby pees/poops on that I can’t wash right away. So simple yet so necessary.
  • Lavender essential oilLavender is known for its calming effects, so I use this at bedtime to help me get a more restful sleep. I also love the blend “serenity” and diffuse this at night in our room, as well!
  • Healing herbs – I just found my new favorite natural health store called “Desert Sage Herbs” located in Chandler. You guys, this place is incredible!! Here’s what I bought: After Birth Tea, sore muscle salve, healing salve, Calendula oil for sore nipples, Afterease for aches & pains, Motherwart for overall after birth health, and Happy Ducts for milk supply.
  • Hair tie – This is my favorite life hack I came up with when I had Levi. For nursing mamas, put a hair tie on the wrist assimilated with the breast that you need to expel next. I do this because my babies have never lasted “both sides” like recommended…they always fall dead asleep after one breast!! So I switch off every feeding and use this trick to help me not have lop-sided boobs. 😉
  • Organic cotton or bamboo nursing padsOnce again, here is me not contributing to the toxic waste! I also love these because they just feel so much nicer than disposable ones. I prefer ones with waterproof backing since I leak a lot at the beginning!
  • Nursing nightgownThis has become my best friend!! I also love this brand because it was made in the USA. Let’s just say easy bathroom trips & breast access. You’re sold already. 😉
  • Ring slingI used the wrap with Levi and kind of hated it…in parking lots the fabric was so long so it always got dirty and took too long to put on in general! The first time I tried the sling this go around I was sold. It is so easy, beautiful, and works with the natural curvature of baby’s spine. Not to mention comfortable!
  • Reusable snack bagsYou know how breastfeeding makes you feel like you’re starving all the time!?!?? Well, I keep snacks with me in the car and in my diaper bag because of it. Sometimes I share with Levi… 😉
  • Closet “pantry” – So I have a huge stash of food in my closet that Levi and I eat every morning since it takes a while for us to get upstairs and make breakfast. I also snack in the night because once again, starving!!! I have Larabars, fruit leathers, raw nut mixes, bananas, applesauce squeezes, and wheat fig bars. I told you it was like a pantry! Ha!
  • Encapsulated placentaIf you were bold enough to turn your placenta into pills, then you may find them to help with postpartum depression, lactation, mood swings, weight loss, and more. I have definitely reaped the benefits with both Levi and Sunshine!

I hope any or all of these help you on your postpartum journey! It sure is a beautiful one.


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