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Our 2015

Our 2015


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Well, it’s been one heck of a year! The holidays are always fun because Joe is home to play with Levi and I. Unfortunately, the stomach flu hit our family hard, but I’m just glad Levi didn’t get it!

Now that Levi is walking (and has way too much energy 😉 ) we like to go on outings every day. I recently bought a year pass to the AZ Museum of Natural History (aka dinosaur museum) and it was the best idea I have ever had! Levi wanders around for 1-2 hours like he owns the place. Toddler-hood is so fun to watch. 🙂

Some of our 2015 highlights include:

  • Watching Levi grow – I am always so shocked by the things he can understand!!
  • The grand opening of my calligraphy business!
  • Graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Family & Human Development
  • My husband, Joe graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering & beginning his Master’s program
  • Exercising at 5:30 AM for three months straight (until I got sick & broke my streak!)
  • Becoming a better person 😀

Here’s to another great year!

xoxo Aubrey

Thank you, Olivia for capturing these perfect moments! ♡

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