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Our Growing Family!

Our Growing Family!


Practically ever since I had Levi I was baby hungry. I loved my birth experience and feel like my testimony in Christ has grown so much in the process of motherhood, as well as my self confidence. Besides, babies grow too darn fast!!!

So you can probably tell where this is headed…Baby Kash #2 coming to the world in August of 2016!!!! The 22nd is our expected due date, but Levi decided to go 6 days past his so I’m not really counting on that. 😉 Now for the background story:

When Levi was 10 months old (and weaning himself despite my efforts!) I found out I was one month pregnant. I was SO EXCITED and told Joe immediately. This was just days before our two year anniversary and we were on cloud nine. I told the family, but only a week later, I lost my sweet babe. I never knew that miscarriage could be so painful…I could hardly walk for a day and my body ached so badly. The worst part was not knowing 100% if my baby was going to make it. Well, he/she didn’t, and at first I was putting on a strong suit for the family’s sake. I felt dumb since I didn’t know I was pregnant for very long, but still was so sad because I wanted that babe so badly. After a good cry and Joe’s continual support, I saw it as a growing experience, and it was.9Q0A8127

This life is meant to have joy, and boy do children bring joy!!!!! I am grateful for a tough lesson I learned – and I know that so many have it far rougher than me, so I have more sympathy now. I always tell people I want like ten kids, and it’s partly because I need a little “push” when it comes to becoming better. A child can definitely be that push…a very cute one, too! 😀 But really, I learn more from Levi every day than I ever thought imaginable. I can’t wait to see what I learn with two!

Baby Kash, we are so thrilled you have chosen us to be your parents!! ♥

*Photos by Olivia Markle

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