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Potty Training Your Baby


After posting this picture of Levi on Instagram with the caption, “this babe used the ‘big boy’ potty today!”, I have gotten some questions regarding his early potty training. Here’s my answer!

Background: I am studying Family & Human Development at ASU  & was so impressed when I learned about how different cultures view potty training. For instance, in some African communities, babies are trained very quickly because they never wear diapers in the first place. After some research, I realized that there are so many takes on this subject, even in the United States. My friend (who also introduced me to homebirth) told me about her experience with potty training, so I give her credit for expanding my knowledge!

Basically: Providing miniaturized versions of common household items helps babies and toddlers feel independent and self-sufficient. That’s why the baby potty is so useful! I didn’t really like the idea of cleaning out a plastic container, so I wanted to try out the infant toilet seat instead. It’s mess-free and I like it because it has handles and includes an aiming guard. Use your best judgement when deciding which route to take. 🙂

Baby potty training doesn’t always mean running wild without a diaper – Levi is only 7.5 months old! It can be a goal once your child can sit up without assistance. Here’s what I do:

  1. 3-4 times a day (in the morning, twice in the afternoon, and before bedtime) I take off Levi’s diaper & set him on his potty
  2. Make “potty sounds” for him while he laughs
  3. Clap & tell him good job
  4. Remove him from the seat and replace diaper

And that’s all, folks! After three days of this, we were really excited because he actually went yesterday!! I pay close attention to Levi’s expressions, so  when I saw him grunting, I rushed him to the toilet. He’s a natural. 😉 All in all: I’m no expert, but I love this technique because it gives the child freedom and also helps him get accustomed to the big “hole in the ground”…haha!

Thanks for stopping by! Please comment with any questions or suggestions that you might have.

<3 Aubrey

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