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Pregnancy Update: Baby Girl + Birth Plan

Pregnancy Update: Baby Girl + Birth Plan

Picture2 Picture3Pregnancy has definitely been different since I’m carrying a girl this time around! With Levi, I didn’t really feel pregnant (minus the ability to eat a TON of food) until the last trimester. With Little Girl, my hips, lower back and pelvis have been really achy for the last month and I am just at 14 weeks. I can’t exercise as hard as I usually do or stand up too much, frankly, but that’s the only big difference I have seen so far. Oh, and that my belly seems huge already!!

Last week I went in for an unplanned ultrasound because I was really nervous about all of these aches I have been feeling. Joe and I met Sunny in her home and had such a delightful experience!! I would highly recommend Sunny at Precious Predictions. 🙂 Seeing my babe for the first time brought me tears because I was just so happy she was well and healthy. Then Sunny told us she was a girl and we were totally caught off guard! After leaving, I told Joe, “I just feel so happy. I want to name her Sunshine because that’s exactly how I feel right now.” He actually agreed so that’s a first! I love the name because in the Bible, mothers would name their babies after their feelings or experience in childbirth. So her name describes my immense feeling of happiness & gratitude! Plus, it’s kinda hippie-ish and so am I so that’s cool, too. 😉

After my homebirth with Levi, lots of people have asked if I am going to do that again with Sunshine. The short answer is yes! 

The long answer is...

I had such an incredible and empowering experience with Levi that I want that for Sunshine girl, too. When we experience emotions such as fear and distress, our bodies sort of shut down and don’t perform a task as efficiently, and for me being at home in a familiar environment is my “safe haven”. That is a huge reason for me choosing my home, and the fact that I am a healthy, low risk candidate.

I have a really hard time associating words like painful, hard, or hurtful with my birth because to me it wasn’t that. The best way to describe the feeling is when you want to climb a mountain. You know the end will be in sight shortly (as in no longer than like three days or 13 hours in my case!). You know that the outcome will be far greater than you can imagine, and that sunset is worth every step of the journey. As you begin to climb you are invigorated. And you get water breaks along the way, how great is that!!? You are enjoying the journey because it is too beautiful not to. As you near the peak, your body is tired and your muscles are achy, but you push on because you are accomplishing something great. As you’re just about there, you reach your point of total exhaustion and control. Your mind is thinking, “wow, I never knew I could be this tired!” but your legs keep on moving since they know you can handle it. And when you feel like you can’t handle any more, you’re there. You did it, and you feel the warmth of the sunset. You feel more accomplished than ever because you did something you’ve dreamed about for a very long time. You relax and take it all in. And it is truly breathtaking.

I hope my metaphor makes at least a little sense!?

Anyways, birth is a conquering, amazing journey no matter how you reach your outcome. I think it’s great that there are so many options to fulfill the needs of every individual woman because it is such a sacred experience that deserves as much!! I’m so thrilled I get to go through birth again, it has taught me so much.

*Thank you Olivia Rose Photography for these sweet pics of my lil’ bump 🙂

xox aubrey

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