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Showering Sunshine

Showering Sunshine
My brother & son “helping” us set up
I made one of these for all of the ladies who helped!
My AMAZING sister
And of course I had to sprinkle my personal tough with the decor 😉

IMG_5256-2IMG_5305IMG_5258 IMG_5291IMG_5287 IMG_5316IMG_5300

I am so grateful for all of those who helped out with my baby shower or came to support our family! Seriously, I went home that night feeling so loved & I am blessed to have such amazing friends and family members. I am now 39+ weeks so Sunshine may make her appearance at any moment! I have been feeling more and more braxton hicks contractions these days but nothing too crampy or intense. So we will see! I originally got the feeling that she would be early but now I don’t feel so sure… 😀

Hope you all have a great week!


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