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Sunshine: Our Blessing

Sunshine: Our Blessing

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These are some pictures of when Sunshine was blessed in the LDS church. What a special day? 🙂

Sunshine in now two months old and life is becoming really sweet! We are no longer just “surviving” haha! Levi is a terrific big brother and dotes over his little sis. It’s really cute until he almost suffocates her with his hugs…. 😀 

I’m learning to really enjoy cooking because I’m realizing how important a healthy diet is for me to recover. Birth isn’t a walk in the park so my body definitely went through trauma! Levi is taking our new diet of mostly vegetables and grains really well, which I never thought I would say. I am also learning how to schedule more efficiently because it feels like we never have enough time in the day between cooking, eating, play dates, exercising and more. We are getting there!!

Overall I am gaining more confidence in myself and my abilities…something I never would have done if it weren’t for my kids who teach me my greatest lessons! This is partially why I want lots of kids! 😉

Life is really good and we are finding joy in each day. 

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