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The Birth of Sandy Elizabeth Kashiwagi

The Birth of Sandy Elizabeth Kashiwagi

7:30 pm – It was Thursday, the 26th of July. Mild contractions and lower back pain began (like every other night) and I was nine days past due, so I started getting suspicious. I had eaten three fresh pineapples in the two weeks leading up to that night to hopefully soften my cervix. I was also taking some homeopathic remedies to help start contractions for about 5 days. I felt ready and was tired of the waiting game!

10:00 pm – contractions were getting more consistent. I was laboring on my exercise ball while Joe slept until about 1:00 am, which is when I had to focus a bit more on each wave, so we went to mom’s house (where I planned to do a homebirth). All while watching “The Office” for the first time!! It seemed appropriate. 😉

2:00 am – The midwives arrived. Joe and I were still watching “The Office” to keep the mood light. The contractions were 1-4 minutes apart lasting 30-60 seconds at this point, so I decided to have the midwives check me (which I rarely do). I just wanted to see if I was closer or farther than I thought! I tried to keep my head in the game for the long haul since my water didn’t break right away like last time.

Joe gave me a beautiful priesthood blessing, blessing me with courage and peace, and that all would go smoothly. This gave me much comfort and the desire to push forward no matter how tired I already was. I am so grateful for such a supportive, loving husband and mindful God!!

Checking my dilation was really uncomfortable and I don’t think I’ll be doing that again in the future haha! I was dilated to a 4 which usually shows the beginning of active labor. I was a little surprised that I wasn’t dilated more. Okay a lot surprised! I tried to keep patient even though it was hard! I had so many expectations on time going in since my last one was only 2 hours of active labor! It was MUCH more intense than this, though, so I figured I could enjoy the slow pace and get nice rests between contractions. Sue, my midwife told me to go in positions where contractions were the strongest, but I honestly just wanted to relax and take my time. So I was side-lying on the bed and it felt so nice.

The contractions were getting more intense and I started feeling really nauseous. I envisioned the air I was breathing in going straight to the point of the contractions, helping to open my cervix. I did a really good job at breathing and remembering not to tense up, so that the contractions could be long and strong. It was easier than I thought it would be, and actually felt quite satisfying. At that point I felt like she was close with all of the opening going on, so I requested the tub. Sue thought it may slow down my contractions (none of us knew how close I really was!!) but I decided I needed it for my nausea, anyways. My amazing midwives (Sue & Sherry) we’re always supportive of my decisions.

About 3:15 am – I immediately felt so much more at peace when I got in. I love baths and I will say it a million times over! I couldn’t stop saying how amazing it was. I felt relaxed enough that I was finally able to throw up my whole dinner, which really eased the burden of my uneasiness. I contracted hard that entire time and there were 2-3 hard contractions after that. Ones where I was vocally moaning and had to focus on breathing like my life depended on it.

About 3:35 am – I told my midwives that I thought I had the urge to push but was trying not to since I imagined it was much too soon for that. My body was quaking from holding back, though! I decided to give it a small effort and after that my body took over and her head was suddenly thrust out!! I swear there was an audible “pop” sound, but that could have just been my imagination. 😉 We were all in complete shock. Her body came next after I asked the Midwife what to do (haha I was still shocked she was already there and honestly felt like it was too “easy”, for lack of a better word!). She was placed on my chest and I was completely energized and in love. She barely cried except when she was a bit cold but hasn’t cried much, since! Not even when they weighed her or did the tests! So far our most relaxed and sleepy baby by far. God knew I needed this since my other two suffered with early teething, acid reflux and constipation (just Sunshine). I have been able to rest lots since the birth because she has mostly been asleep, and just looks around when she is awake anyway. Plus, I have an amazing support group who have taken care of the other kiddies all week! She was born at 3:37 am on the morning of the 27th, weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

We all couldn’t believe how fast it was. And my afterbirth pains are so much better than last time, surprisingly!! Later, Sue told me “I think your birth was my favorite…ever! You were so cute when you said, ‘I think I need to push?…’” That’s always so nice to hear. 🙂

Sunny and Levi took it so well. Levi was sweet as usual and Sunshine wanted to be all over her. She still needs to work on her gentle touch, haha! I crave to run around and hug them and thank them for handling the whole thing (including pregnancy) so well but that will have to wait until my body is more normal. For now I am spending all of my time in bed recovering with Sandy which is a blessing.

I feel so blessed! It was another incredible experience. Much more anticlimactic than the rest since I went into the labor knowing I would come out victorious, where with the others I was shocked by my own strength and courage.

Here’s to more change to help us grow! We love you Sandy!!

*Thank you Samantha Miller Photography for capturing these moments! The birth was so quick (unexpectedly) that she missed it, but was able to take some photos and video after the fact. Video coming soon and I can’t wait to see it!!

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