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Third Time’s a Charm

Third Time’s a Charm

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We are expecting another little one on February 20, 2017! HOORAY!

We didn’t get to this point the way I initially expected, but we are here nonetheless! I have had two recent miscarriages, so I wanted to talk a bit about that as well.

Pregnancy after miscarriage is a little more stressful, in my experience. The first two months I was on edge about it most of the time and didn’t want people to congratulate me yet since I wasn’t sure what the future held. I kept my eye out for spotting on the daily and just felt overall uneasy. Of course I was happy but I didn’t want to get attached once again to the idea “just in case”.

Once week 8 rolled around I was more at peace. I felt better about my pregnancy and began to share the news with close friends and family when I felt prompted. I can’t say that I have advice on how to stay calm after loss because time was really what helped me adjust, but there were some other factors that helped me relax:

  • Exercising – something I love to do!
  • Talking with Joe & other family members
  • Realizing that miscarriage isn’t a bad thing. It was necessary for me to learn certain lessons and though it wasn’t always easy, I wouldn’t trade my newfound knowledge for anything
  • Meditation & prayer – lifesavers

My pregnancy thus far has been really great. I feel super huge already which may be because my tummy was stretched out a few times already? Or maybe the overwhelming constipation? 😉 But I feel so blessed because Levi has been sleeping 13-15 hours every night which gives me about 10 hours! And he either naps for 1-3 hours or plays in his room while I nap if he’s not tired that day. For that reason and the fact that Levi is the sweetest boy in the world, I am really able to enjoy each day! And our time is precious to me since I realize it will fly.

We feel very grateful and look forward to meeting Little Babe next year. ♡ Thank you all for your love, thoughts & prayers. We feel it. 🙂

xox aubrey

*HUGE thank you to Olivia Rose Photography for the beautiful photos! She is incredible.

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