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Weekend Shenanigans

Since it was our anniversary, Joe surprised me last weekend by taking me on a recap date of some of our favorite initial dates as a couple – I would highly recommend! What we did:

♦ Bikram Yoga – My favorite exercise, especially when the hubby comes. 🙂 Joe must really love me…

♦ IHOP! – You work up a feisty appetite after yoga.

♦ State Fair – Joe did a pie eating contest and it was hilarious. He got whipped (pun intended)! At least the free pie was worth it…?



20141011_133430_^ No, Joe is not standing because he won… 😉

♦ True Food Kitchen – The best healthy, real food out there. This actually wasn’t one of our dates, but we made an exception since it was so close to the State Fair. 🙂

♦ Dollar Theater – Necessary!

♦ Dave & Buster’s – We played all of our favorite games and tried to win a unicorn pillow pet with no luck… there’s always next time!


^ We fail at taking pictures…so this is us last year!

♦ Barnes & Noble – On our very first date, we went here and spent an hour just reading children’s books & laughing away, sometimes making up our own words to go along with the pictures. Children’s books are now our go-to gift, so it’s safe to say that we’re going to have an awesome collection for our boy!


^ After much trial and error, this is the book we decided to purchase: “What Do You Do With an Idea?” by Kobi Yamada

♦ SLEEP – What you do when you’ve had wayyy too much fun for one occasion.

Joe loved the gift I made him! It was a tough…what do you give a man who has everything? He only likes things that are actually useful and necessary. Since we eat pretty healthy, I decided to put together a basket of homemade, healthy goodies for him to take to work. 🙂 They tasted amazing, if I do say so myself! Comment if you’d like a recipe!


{raw “cookie dough” bites, yogurt covered pretzels & blueberries, almond butter dip, strawberry chia seed jam, + strawberry froyo}


 What is your favorite date activity? Share!

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