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Why I Blog, & You Can Too!

Why I Blog, & You Can Too!

bdsI started my blog, originally called “Free Spirited”, back in 2014 after I really enjoyed reading some of my newlywed friends’ blogs. It’s something really simple that has so many benefits! Here are some of the benefits I have found:

  • Learning how to cohesively summarize my thoughts in an exciting and informative way – this takes actual skill!!
  • Seeing a topic from different viewpoints – before I publish a post I always read it multiple times with certain people in mind and try to answer questions before they’re even asked
  • Self confidence – yes! It’s a blessing to receive positive feedback from friends or strangers who have been impacted by my posts in any way
  • An awesome journal – I write in my journal every day but I definitely don’t spend as much time as I do on my blog posts. And since it’s online, I can go back any time wherever I am and read old posts which is always a treat
  • Transparency – I have found that my latter posts have become more and more honest and real. And I have noticed that in my personal life as well! People want to know the real so they know they’re not alone
  • Family ties – people closest to you have a way to connect with you and know about your life in a more personal way than over Facebook
  • Share what you love – each person has a unique way of doing things or thinking about life so it’s great to learn from different perspectives!

And even if nobody read your blog, you will still receive these benefits!! That’s the great part. So if you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, I say GO FOR IT! ♡

xox aubrey

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