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Zero Waste: Beginner

Zero Waste: Beginner

Zero waste to me is three words: reduce, reuse, recycle – in that order!!

I learned about the “Zero Waste” lifestyle this month & have become so inspired that I wanted to share my findings!! I originally happened upon the Trash is or Tossers blog which then led me to the Zero Waste Home. These are both great resources to learn more about zero waste.

I tend to want to buy new items that are non plastic and not as harmful, but I am realizing that even that contributes to waste if you’re just tossing perfectly good things that you can reuse! Zero waste is about recycling less, not more!

Here are some ways I have implemented zero waste this month (some I was already doing!):

  • Decorate with live plants – they clean the air & minimize plastic use!
  • Homemade lotion & beauty products
  • Second-hand shopping & Freecycle – pick up or donate to a home that you know will use your product!
  • Sharing a small car with my husband & not driving “just to drive”
  • Using vinegar & other bulk cleaners
  • Cloth diapers & wipes & washing full loads
  • Cold showers – originally did this since it’s helpful to the metabolism!
  • Reusable lunch sacks
  • Declining straws at restaurants – they aren’t even recyclable!
  • Reusable grocery bags & mason jars for restaurant takeout – styrofoam isn’t recyclable
  • Trying not to buy plastic unless it’s second-hand
  • Reusable garbage pail liners
  • Making Sunny dresses from my old clothes
  • Cotton napkins, handkerchiefs (no tissues), menstrual pads, & menstrual cup
  • Electronic or borrowed books
  • Durable shoes
  • Being an overall minimalist
  • Bulk castille soap for hair, body, hands, dishes etc.
  • Bar soap without packaging
  • Shop local
  • Little-to-no makeup
  • Minimize or eliminate paper towels

Future undertakings:

  • Unbleached toilet paper
  • Compost
  • Getting over the smell of the thrift store haha!
  • No Amazon, impulse buying, & be patient!!!
  • Bulk shopping
  • Digital planner
  • Minimize eating out
  • Minimize processed & packaged foods
  • Minimal furniture & storage areas – the more storage areas, the more clutter!
  • Used or homemade gifts & gift wrap
  • Minimal kitchen – long-lasting cookware & only necessary dinnerware
  • My calligraphy work!!! Haha most of the things I make are to be thrown away so don’t know about this one….

I hope I have given you some useful ideas & maybe try to do one of these this month & see how it goes! This lifestyle change has been so satisfying & I am beginning to feel much more content with what I have.

Thanks for reading!

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